Bimmi means flavourful in Japanese and makes you smile when spoken.

Our mission

Inspire moments that support wellbeing

Pure intentions, curiosity and a continual desire to improve drive all our initiatives at Bimmi. We love building diverse teams and finding new and practical ways to support wellbeing. With high quality functional food products at our core, we seek to create moments of pause, wonder and joy.

A note from the founder

Where it all began

With a background in ballet, neuroscience and business, I have always been fascinated by people, how the body works and nutrition. During my MBA in Switzerland, I started to take an interest in wasted fruits and vegetables and how food can support disease prevention. Could a frozen product be made from rescued fruits, vegetables, and seeds and facilitate health?

Functional food

Made with clean ingredients

We believe that our bodies thrive on natural ingredients and have chosen high quality, natural ingredients such as cacao, honeyberry and ginger to increase the nutritional value of each flavour. With no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, Bimmi has harnessed the natural sweetness found in fruits and vegetables, making Bimmi a truly wholesome and delicious frozen snack option.


Carefully formulated in Switzerland

Behind Bimmi is a team of Michelin experienced chefs and a food scientist based in Switzerland. Our Swiss team loves experimenting with new flavours and are deeply committed to quality and responsibly sourced ingredients. Many of Bimmi's ingredients are organic, and we try to make use of rescued ingredients as well.

Your snacking dreams come true

The Bimmi flavours are inspired by close conversations with friends and family. We would love to hear your thoughts on our current products and potential new flavours.

Imagination can take you anywhere and we can add your ideas here 😊