Eat to prevent disease

Everyday ingredients

Research by a Harvard medical professor, Dr William Li, shows how everyday ingredients can support our body's five defence systems. By regular intake of some of these ingredients, the risk of many diseases can be reduced by up to 30%. Below is an overview of our body's five defence systems and some of the foods that affect them.

Many of Bimmi's ingredients including cocoa, berries, chickpeas, nuts and seeds are inspired by Dr Li's book, Eat to Beat Disease 🥬🍒

Our body's five defence systems

  • Blood vessel formation, which brings oxygen and nutrients to different parts of our body, is influenced by ingredients such as green tea, coffee, tomatoes and red wine.
  • Regeneration of cells to maintain and repair our bodies can be supported by dark chocolate and dark tea which support mobilisation of stem cells. 
  • Microbiome consists of 40 trillion bacteria which mainly  serve to defend our health. These bacteria are directly influenced by the food that we eat and regulate many aspects of our health including our immune system, hormone production, brain and social function. Foods that support the microbiome include fiber rich foods such as broccoli, cabbage, cherries, chickpeas and dark chocolate.
  • DNA repair happens throughout life and our gene expression is continually influenced by environmental factors. Certain foods can turn on helpful genes and turn off harmful ones. Some foods also protect our DNA by lengthening our telomeres. Foods that influence DNA repair include berry juice, kiwi and broccoli. Foods that protect our telomeres include coffee, tea, nuts and seeds.
  • Immunity is complex and is influenced by our gut. Foods such as blackberries, walnuts and pomegranate can activate the immune system.