Rescued fruits and vegetables

Food waste

Food waste is thought to be responsible for over 10% of global emissions, and fruits and vegetables represent one of the biggest waste categories. Approximately 50% of fruits and vegetables are wasted each year according to the UN. Although a high intake of fruits and vegetables can be beneficial for our health, 90% of Americans and 45% of Europeans do not get the recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

At Bimmi

Fortunately, many companies have started to address these issues. In the UK, a company called Oddbox offers a surprise selection of fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted to consumers. In Switzerland, a new platform, Mehralszwei, enables producers to sell fruits and vegetables that do not conform to supermarket standards to other producers.

At Bimmi we try to leverage rescued and organic ingredients wherever possible.  Many of our bananas are 'rescued' and our honeyberry is from an organic Swiss producer 😊🍌